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Being together is fun! Especially in the kitchen. Bake cookies, play, draw or cook together. The BoosterMe ensures that you can reach the kitchen island or the high table together.

Raises the seat

The BoosterMe raises the Tripp Trapp chair by twenty centimeters. This makes it possible that your child can also take a seat at the kitchen island and at a high table.

Safety first

Of course the BoosterMe is safe to use. A smart system prevents your Tripp Trapp chair from being damaged during assembly.

Easy to assemble

The assembly of the BoosterMe is very easy thanks to the manual and the supplied Allen key. This way you give your Tripp Trapp chair a boost in a few minutes!


We use high-quality and sustainable types of wood that ensure that you can enjoy the convenience of the BoosterMe for a long time.

  • “Today we got our BoosterMe! Of course we unpacked it right away and it works great!”


  • “How ingenious, especially for the Tripp Trapp”


  • “Not only did the Tripp Trapp get a Boost, but our time together as well.”


  • “Very satisfied. Also the right height. Fits nicely with the Tripp Trapp chair. ”


Boost your Tripp Trapp!

And go for safe, easy and sustainable.

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