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Sitting at your kitchen island or a high table with a Tripp Trapp chair? Unfortunately that is not possible. The BoosterMe makes it possible! It's also easy to assemble too!

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Who we are and what we do

our mission

By raising the Tripp Trapp chair, even the youngest members of the family can join the kitchen island or high table. Enjoy drawing, playing or helping with cooking. This is how the BoosterMe gives your time together a boost!

Ready to use!

You can start using the BoosterMe right away! Thanks to the manual and the supplied Allen key, you can mount the BoosterMe directly. Very easy!

Sustainable & Responsible

The BoosteMe is a sustainable product.  That is why we only use high-quality woods with the  FSC quality mark.

Boosterme Tripp Trapp-verhoger FSC
Boosterme Tripp Trapp-verhoger

about boosterme

The origin of the BoosterMe

As parents we all came into contact with the famous Tripp Trapp chair. A wonderful product that still can be found in our homes, even when the children are older. But what do you notice when you get a kitchen with a high dining table or a cooking island? The Tripp Trapp seat is too low. Sitting together at the table suddenly becomes a problem.


Problems require solutions. So we developed a booster for our Tripp Trapp seats. It turned out to be a success. The Tripp Trapp chair regained its prominence in our families. Soon we discovered we were not the only parents who encountered this. After years of testing and fine-tuning, now there is a Tripp Trapp booster that is easy to use and assemble by anyone. Boost your Tripp Trapp chair and enjoy beautiful moments together!


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Boosterme Tripp Trapp-verhoger

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